The Horror Stories

There are plenty of horror stories and tales about Dentists. They come in many forms and are usually very ugly. However, these are just stories and they can be harmful when it comes to people maintaining their dental hygiene. So, we chose 5 myths about dentists that we wanted to debunk.

Myth 1: You only need to take your baby when they have teeth, or when they reach 3 years of age

This is completely false. You should register your baby after they are born.

Myth 2: You will get ‘told off’ for eating sweets

Your dentist will talk to you about what you eat. If they think you could be eating too much sugar they will talk to you about how it affects your teeth. No dentist is there to tell you off, we are here to advise you on how to best look after your teeth.

 Myth 3: The dentist will hurt you

Your dentist won’t hurt you. If you have toothache, then making it better may not be nice, but your dentist will tell you what they are doing. We’re here to help you!

Myth 4: Children should only use children’s toothpaste because of the amount of fluoride in it

Children can use an adult toothpaste, as long as it is only a small amount. The only toothpaste designed for children we recommend is Colgate Maximum cavity protection as it contains a sugar acid neutraliser.

Myth 5: Baby teeth are not Important

Baby teeth ARE important and start to appear from 6 months old and carry on coming through for a few years. They help with talking and make space for your adult teeth to come through. They also help you eat!


So, there were 5 myths we wanted to talk about. Are there any stories you’ve heard about the dentist? Want to ask us our expert opinion? Get in touch on our Facebook page