A week on from the Memories Walk 

It’s a week on now since we completed the final memories walk to be held. It made it that bit more poignant that we took part. Not only to have our own memories of loved ones but to help raise money for others loved ones too.

We wanted to do something as a practice; we refer to each other as ‘our work family’, so spending a Saturday night taking part in the memories walk seemed like a good idea. By having t-shirts specially printed, we did stand out, especially as we had all chosen names ‘dental related’. One of the dentists was Dr Teeth, and the dental nurses ranged from Becky Bicuspid to Megan Molar. 2BR’s Ollie Houldsworth provided some music while we all signed in and was at the start line to send us on our way. It was a lovely evening, so walking the 4.2 miles wasn’t too hard; especially with a couple of ‘drinks’ stops along the way!

We were the last group back, a friendly welcome awaited us, just as enthusiastic as if we were the first ones back. The sausage sandwich and water was a welcome sight, plus all the smiling faces from people who had volunteered to help.

Here are some highlights from the memories walk.


The ‘work fam’ will have to think of something else for next year. Thanks to everyone who donated and for your encouragement!