‘It’s ok to not look after my child’s teeth. They have another set!’ How many times have we heard this said by a parent when it comes to looking after their child’s teeth?

Many parents and adults are still under the misconception that a child’s ‘baby teeth’ aren’t important, so it doesn’t matter if they become decayed or rotten through lack of care. They have another set waiting to come through, so all will be well. We can tell you as a fact, this is not true. A child’s ‘baby teeth’ are just as important as their ‘adult teeth’.

Baby teeth are important for development!

From the day they are born, a child’s teeth contribute to a huge part of their development. After their first few months of life, a baby will move from liquids to solid foods. At the same time, their teeth begin to emerge from their gums, allowing them to learn how to chew the food and swallow it. They will also begin to try to communicate and these teeth help with forming words and speaking. (Most of us have probably spoken to someone who should wear dentures but hasn’t got them in; sometimes they can be quite difficult to understand). The teeth also maintain the spaces needed for the adult teeth to come through later. When a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can drift into the empty space and make it difficult for other adult teeth to find room when they are forming, which can result in crooked teeth or crowding.  This is why starting children off with the best oral care possible is essential to the future of their dental health.

Without teeth, the simple things that we take for granted like eating, talking and smiling are so much more difficult. For children, the path leading to adulthood is already full of obstacles; why put more in their way? Our advice Is to form a good oral health routine for your child as soon as teeth start to come through. Safeguard your child’s smile for the future.

Find out how Darwenside Dental practice is working to safeguard children’s smiles for the future with their Smile4Life campaign.

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